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Time Travel

Some people are spending lots of money trying to find out a way to travel in time, notably to the future (traveling to the past would be boring since we already know what has happened there). Me, I have found a way: having sex with Aubrey.

Ok, let me explain.

During the first few months that Aubrey and I spent together, I noticed that something strange was happening every time just after sex: the record of events in my short term memory showed discontinuities. I have never had the full proof of this, but I knew that something worth investigating was happening. In fact, one may imagine the following discussion between myself and my short term memory.

Short Term Memory : Pascal, I have something you may want to have a look at...
pascal : What ?
S.T.M. : You have finished sex few minutes ago, and you didn't sleep, but a couple of seconds ago in your memory there are some discontinuities in the record of events in the environment but the room being rather calm, I am not sure...
pascal : What do you mean by discontinuities ?
S.T.M. : I don't really know. It looks like something has suddenly disappeared and something else suddenly appeared...
pascal : Um... I'll think about it later.

This has lasted for a while, more than one year in fact, then one day Aubrey told me: "You have slept seven minutes". I looked at her very surprised and I said "What do you mean by I have slept, I didn't sleep". She then explained to me that I was sleeping and suddenly woke up. I didn't want to believe her because I had no recollection of having ever slept. My memory, my mind, my body, all together were claiming that I did everything except sleeping, above all for so long.

In fact, since I was born I have always had a very light sleep. I don't really feel myself falling asleep, but I feel myself waking up. I almost see/fell the reconfiguration of my mind between being asleep (and possibly dreaming) and being awake. And of course, my body also confirms to me that I was recently sleeping.

But every time after having had sex with Aubrey, something very strange happens: without any warning whatsoever, my mind and my body shut down in an instant. Way too fast for anything inside me to record anything. I then stay asleep deep for few minutes, and then I suddenly wake up; and again too fast for anything inside me to record anything.

It's literally like I jump from one state to the other without going thought the usual intermediary steps.

From Aubrey's point of view, I fall asleep, sleep for few minutes (usually between 3 minutes and 6 minutes -- for what she says), and then *suddenly* wake up. Whereas from my point of view, nothing has happened; if not, strange and unexplained discontinuities in my memory. Hence the feeling that I have instantly jumped forward in time.

There could be an explanation for all this: I tend to calm down when people touch my skin; and, in particular, when Aubrey touches my skin I tend to calm down both faster and deeper than with other people. It is not impossible than after the excitement of the sexual act, having so much of our skins in contact shuts me completely downs in a very unusual way. Assuming that she doesn't lie (which is probably a safer assumption than the fact that I travel in time), I really didn't know I could do that...

Now remains the problem of the speed of the waking up. How comes I can ever wake up so fast ? With no sign whatsoever of having being asleep ? Again, it's like I *jump* from one state to the other...