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YFAW 2013

I am currently attending the Young Functional Analysts Workshop 2013, in Sheffield. A three days workshop by and for Ph.D. students in Functional Analysis (my field), which also includes three invited talks from established researchers. (The picture is actually Dr. Stuart White from Glasgow university, giving a talk on C* and von Neumann algebras.)

I took the opportunity to play my PhD potentials game. Result, I have a positive answer for all of them, with the exception of one student (out of about 20 of us), who looks like a salesman (he actually dresses like one); I really feel, every time I look at him, that he is about to try and sell me a car. Otherwise, only one of them seems to display (light) nerdy features, most of them look approachable, normal and surprisingly funny (listening from far away during breaks; yesterday and this morning), despite being obviously able to sustain deep thoughts :-)

Enjoying my time so far... Looking forward to the official dinner this evening ^_^

[update] Dinner's dessert :-)

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