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Yesterday morning I was looking at some of Aubrey's stuff when I found a box from Lancome. In case you are unlucky enough not to know what Lancome is, just follow the link.

I was attracted by the logo

which kind of looked like familiar.

It took me a couple of minutes and then I realized that their logo is one one my tattoos !! I was too busy during the day to care about this and in particular wondering how could this have possibly happened, but it turns out that I remember now...

So back in 2001, I was with a girl and when I came up with the idea that I could have a tattoo with her name, I also said that it should have a kind of a rose (because I like roses). She said that she would come up with something. Now, many years later, I realize that the picture she draw was simply a copy of Lancome's logo.

Maybe I should contact Lancome and ask them to pay me for being a living advertisement display for their brand.