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Kew Gardens
Last week we visited Kew Gardens (the Royal Botanic Gardens) and I enjoyed it. You can find extremely wide range of plants (more than 30,000 different kinds of plants), beautiful natural scenery, insects, fish and other interesting creatures in the gardens. The gardens are huge and it is not easy to see everything within one day. You can find houses, museum, gallery, palace etc. I was so impressed by the oldest pot plant in the world - Cycads which are believed to have been living for at least 228 years. Cycads are known as "living fossils" because they have remained unchanged for millions of years. Try to image that dinosaurs and cycads existed on the earth at the same time! Another interesting spot is the treetop walkway (18m high and 200m long) and my friends said that it was actually moving when they walked along.

If I have some kids, I will definitely bring them to the gardens. It will be so great to explore the interesting world of nature. I believe learning will be more fun outside a classroom.

Cycads - the oldest pot plant in the world