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Heathrow Airport in the middle of the night

It's currently 1.20 am. I am sitting at Heathrow Airport, deep into some Haskell code. It's better if you don't ask why I am doing coding in an airport in the middle of the night.

Anyway, I have just been approached by about eight heavily armed British police officers; half of them being women. I had never noticed before how sexy heavily armed women are (ok, ok, that's a lie, I have more than a few wallpapers of women snipers on my computer), who very politely asked me to identify myself, asked me questions about what I was doing here at this hour, and ran a background check on me.

I don't know why, but the voice of the woman operator on the radio saying "Nope, absolutely nothing for this name and birthdate" was nice to hear but also strangely made me feel something of a disappointment that the British police/secret services have absolutely nothing on me. I could, at least, have been arrested during an anti-establishment protest or something. Instead, I am totally law enforcement virgin. Thinking of it, it's actually the very first time ever for policemen to even talk to me... Anyway, I couldn't resist to say loud "Well, it's nice to hear that you don't have anything on me :)" and one of the guys sent the smile back at me while saying "In fact it's nice for us to hear that we don't have anything on you!"

At the look of it they are looking for something. At least they have weapons...