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Pascal's female role models

Anon, recently reading my weblog came to me this morning to say that I am sexist. That was funny :)

So let me clarify.

Whether or not I study (or at least like thinking about, and talking about, and exploring, and experiencing) the difference between men and women ? Answer is yes. Whether I often highlight the stupid things women can do that go against logic (above all in seduction and courtship situations) ? Answer is yes. And obviously I have unsettled differences with Feminism (but who doesn't ?).

That being said, something the more acute readers of this blog (as well as my friends, obviously) know is that I, not only take pride in the female side of my personality, but also that almost all the role models of my life are female. Indeed, with very few exceptions, the people who shaped my personality the most, in one way or another, those that I carry with me in the way I think and behave and that I share the dreams of, are all female. (A lot of them are fictional, from Motoko Kusagani and Eleanor Arroway to Sarah Kerrigan as well as a bunch of others; few are actually real, some of them I worked with or for; and the rest consists in online personalities: Anne Archet, Karen Straughan etc). Even my domain name "Alseyn", is part to the name of a woman.

I obviously value and admire many things that some men have done over all those thousand of years, but I usually don't care about their personalities. Unlike the personalities of the women I like, and that I happily try to emulate.