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Favourite Internet Radio Project
I almost exclusively listen to internet radios (and not my own music tracks), which are in the "Radios" playlist of my iTunes. I usually listen to a station until the tune no longer suits me and then press >> for the next track (next radio), until I find something which suits me, until it no longer suits me etc. When the last radio station of the list is reached, pressing >> again goes back to the beginning.

Since I never display the iTunes window itself, I never know which station I am currently listening (with the exception of Japan-A-Radio, since Japanese is really distinctive), and therefore I never really know which station I listen to the most.

Unfortunately iTunes only displays how often I came to the station (and since I cycle through all of them, iTunes says that I listen to all of them equally). This said, I really need to know which one I listen to the most, meaning for the longest cumulative time. The below (written in bed this morning), should do it



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