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Weblog. Basic stats, and side effects

I was curious about how much I have written in this blog since its birth (earliest recorded entry was in 2005). As of this evening: 1561 entries covering a total of more than 300,000 words. Longest entry has 3293 words.

I have written (and spoken) in English at least two orders of magnitude more in the past half a decade than during my entire life in France before moving to the UK. (Where I was mostly known as a tireless solitary bookworm.)

Was it worth it ? Totally !! The psychological process of formulating thoughts and putting them in the wild for all to see, regardless of whether they are trivial or insightful, funny or sad, one liners or mini essays, have had amazing effects over my entire mind (*) and personality. In particular, the quasi daily training of taking a half baked ideas, things you would never really attempt to *fully* clarify, and turn them into coherent exposes (my recent entry/graph on the Petraeus affair is one of them, for instance...), that people might not necessarily agree with but at least will be able to assess, is amazing.

(*) I believe, for instance, that I am a better mathematician and programmer due to this English blog. The thing is that coming from French, English is a particularly coherent, logical and structured language. The parts of my mind that are under training by me writing these lines, are the same I used this morning in front of my (math) students or five minutes ago when I was writing the few lines of code I needed for the stats. Of course, this goes without saying, I am totally into the Sapir–Whorf hypothesis, also known as Linguistic relativity.

There is a rumor (at least the people who like him keep repeating that), that Woody Allen made movies because that was cheaper than going to the psychiatrist. Well, writing a new entry always leaves me a better person than before writing it. Something, somewhere, inside me (something which depends on the subject of the entry) always works better after a new entry than before.

My greatest joy as a blogger ? Interestingly nothing to do with this blog actually. It's simply having managed to get Maddox (, who was already an internet legend before I even knew about the internet), to modify one of his entry (Quantum of Solace is a shitpile) after I pointed out to him that he was wrong about something...

Last but not least, there is the problem of some people being offended by some of my writings, notably the religious freaks that I often go after. Well, the following picture should settle it for them...