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Hacking into dumb girls

I think it all started when I was freshman at university. I got into the habit of staring at my lecturers during lectures. Not only because I like looking at people, but because it helped me concentrate, and actually the lecturers usually got into the habit of looking back at me (as apparently I was one of the, if not the only one, student(s) actually paying attention). As time went on, the habit stayed and I sometimes unexpectedly stare at people in public places when I am deep into thinking of a technical problem.

So recently I was in a restaurant, and suddenly a group of girls entered and sat at my 2 o'clock. I looked at one of them and when she noticed that I was looking at her (just looking, not even staring), quickly looked annoyed and said something to her friends. It must have been something along the lines of "That stupid black guy over there is looking at me, what does he want, my boobs ? Men all the same !", prompting her friends to turn round and look at me pretending being on random observation :-)

Ten minutes later I decided to leave, paid the bill, and while taking my computer with me decided to have a bit of fun..., so I went to the girl.

Pascal: "Hi, I am very sorry to disturb you, but I could not help to notice that you looked annoyed when I glanced at you. I didn't make you feel uncomfortable, did I ?" (with a nice honest smile and candid eyes ^.^)

Dumb Girl: "Haa, um, not, I mean, I don't know.... Did I ?"

Pascal noticing for himself: Dumb Girl cannot even formulate a simple, grammatically correct, answer in her native mother tongue.

Pascal: "Well, if I did I apologise. Actually you look exactly like an american news anchor I am fan of, and to be honest, had you been her, I would have asked you for an autograph."

Dumb Girl: "Hoo, I see, well maybe that's me :-)"

Pascal: "You are so funny (^.^) Anyway I should be going now. Enjoy your meal."

Pascal already turning back, and adding... (using the Steve Jobs technique)

Pascal: "... one more thing. You are not going to laugh at me when I leave, just because I asked you this, right ?"

Dumb Girl: "no no..."

Pascal: "Of course. Only stupid girls would do that, you obviously are not one of them. Bye :-)" (with a killer smile...)

I obviously don't know what happened next, but this is how the entire pack was looking at me as I was leaving.

Pascal then thinking : Girls are so freaking stupid nowadays.......