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Often people ask me how I manage to do all the things I do, every day...., above all that I have seven working days a week with no concept of "week-ends", and I usually answer "I sleep at night ^_^". Well, that actually became true.

It was about 10 days ago, the woman sat in front of me at dinner at the hotel, looked at me and said "I am going to bed". This would have been a non event if it wasn't fifteen minutes before 8pm. Reacting to the obvious surprise on my face she added "I have to wake up at 4am. For work.", and she disappeared. Since I then had nobody left to talk to, I went to my own room, looked at my bed and thought "Fuck it! Let's sleep early"...

I surprisingly followed up with the exact same bedtime the following days. Around the same time I decided to make continuous use of those masks and ear plugs that people use in planes when they want to sleep. The cumulated effect of going to bed early and a lack of stimulus (I otherwise have a very light sleep), makes me sleep at depths I had not experienced for a long time. The first nights I actually slept 12 hours, as if my body had waited for such an opportunity for a long time, purging itself from all the sleepless nights and overall tiredness I had accumulated since..., well..., 2011/2012. Not the least being those nights spent marking undergraduate copies...

Over the past few nights my body seems to have settled on 9 hours sleep per night night, and I wake up at 5am.

The effects on my body, my face, my mood, my overall energy levels and even my ability to focus, have been immediate. This made me realise something funny: in normal circumstances, by the time most working adults in western societies go to bed (the night before a working day), they already know that they won't sleep as much as they would otherwise want to. After 6 or 7 hours of sleep they are waken up by their alarms and get ready to leave literally half asleep (Maybe that's why they invented The Week-End actually...). Whereas, having given to my body (and my mind) essentially a 4 hours extended buffer period in the morning, I naturally wake up only when I no longer need more sleep, and consequently I am fully operational from the moment I wake up.

My best feeling of the past few days have been telling myself: "Jeez, I have already done as much work as in a regular day of work and it's only lunch time :)", but the most surprising thing, something I would not have anticipated, and cannot explain, is the fact that for the first time of my life I am actually _happy_ to go to bed.

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