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SpaceFight v.01, my first Lua Love2D program
Last night Aubrey challenged me to implement an entire video game during the time that she would spend at work today..., adding than nothing else than me doing this would motivate her more to carry on learning programming. For some reasons, I was thinking of Space Invaders this morning when I woke up and then I spent the entire afternoon implementing it, she has just come back from work, and version 0.01 is fully playable :-)

I draw the green alien ship pixel by pixel using Acorn, but the mother ship was a picture I found on the internet (I just added png transparency and turned it into red). The bottom ship is the ship from Raiden (I just cleaned it up a little bit). The white dots are bullets from my ship or mines from the aliens ships. I didn't have time to work on the sound effects, so it's pretty much silent..

I called it SpaceFight, and it's all written in 400 lines of Lua using the Love2D framework.