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Unblock Me, three years later

I introduced myself to, and had a nice conversation with, a guy this morning who was playing a variation of Unblock Me in the Tube (I had spent the previous 10 minutes observing him doing so). A game that I discover three years ago (as Aubrey was playing it) and for which I wrote a solving program.

What I discovered is that he had a strategy, more exactly that he was applying one. So now, the interesting thing is that I am not sure that he is aware of the fact that he has one (it is perfectly for people to apply a strategy to solve a problem without being aware that they are doing so), but he clearly did use a specific solving pattern. His strategy was both simple and as far as I can see unlikely to work, that why I was fascinated to see it working :-)

This reminded me the following entry by Aaron Iba: Users of my iOS Game Teach Me a Lesson MIT Didn't.