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On the raping of kids by priests

I do not understand why people act surprised when they hear about the now growing number of publicly revealed cases of rape by church priests. You should not, let me explain why.

[1] Believing in God and/or occasionally going to the church, already shows that there is something wrong with you, that not only you have a weird and rather twisted, not to mention incorrect, perception of reality, but that in fact you are willing to surrender your intellectual integrity to a fictional mystic entity.

So what does it says about you when you decide, not only, to willingly commit to this lie and go to the church everyday as your day job, but in fact to want to make a career in the institution which has been promoting this nonsense for so long and keep mentally abusing people, everywhere, and notably in developed countries as well as in the poorest places on Earth.

To me it says that, if any, society as a whole should issue a restraining order against you, to prevent you approaching any living thing, in particular children.

[2] Everybody knows that denying males of sexual activity has always had.... interesting consequences. This alone should tell us to stay away from those guys.