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On the Orlando LGBT Pulse nightclub Shooting

In February 2014, I wrote in a weblog entry: "The more bullets gays take up in their fight for being recognised as first class members of society, the less bullets atheists will have to endure when the time to give the fatal and terminal blow to religions will come up."

That was obviously a poor choice of words and, for fuke's sake, I definitively didn't mean it _literally_. All those deaths in a place where I am sure people were just having fun and flirting is really heartbreaking.

Anyway, apparently it's the 17th time already that president Obama makes an address following a mass shooting in his country since starting his presidency. As a non american citizen, I am not going to pass judgment on their second amendment, but at some point something will have to be done. I could easily have been in that club, well, the London equivalent of it, and that worries me a lot.

And while being on the subject, I still need to understand why people from a religious community who have no interest in Donald Trump becoming president are doing everything they can to make it happen...