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Ingress: Record-Breaking Fields over the UK

Saturday evening. After having spent the entire day in my office, I was on my way to visit a friend, standing in Lambert park, hacking my last portal of the day, when a strange blue shadow cast on my screen. I thought I had a bug and went to the intel map on the laptop. Result was mind blowing, a gigantic field was covering most of the UK, spanning between Luxembourg, Landewednack (South West UK) and Faroe Islands.

(Click on pictures for bigger version)

I knew it would not last long and it didn't. About one and half hours later it was brought down by Enlightened players (I think they destroyed the Landewednack vertice). Chatting around with other players congratulating ourselves for the exploit, I was about to call it a day, when something else come up:

The enlightened had just smashed the record we had just made and set up multiple fields with vertices spanning Norway, Denmark, The UK, Ireland and Spain.

This was just amazing. Two highly coordinated opposite factions had decided to carry out similar operations on the same day. I suspect that the Enlightened were in the final stages of preparation when the Resistance field come up and had to wait for the destruction of our field to starting set up theirs.

At the time those lines are witten (following morning), the Enlightened field in gone, with one remaining link between the UK and Norway. Last but not least, those screenshots show only level 7 and level 8 portals (highest levels). The maps are really amazing given what the world wide count of high level portals was in January.