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The strongest Feminist statement yet came from South Park

When I wrote my piece on Feminism, almost two years ago, in the introduction I wrote "But then on a closer look something doesn't look right. Turns out that in that world Fuchsias constitute 50% of the overall population, and they have a remarkable power: they have something that Magentas like and want very much.".

I did not expand on this because I wanted to stay on the main thread, but in my mind the idea was clear: on Earth, if women really want something and are willing to unite to get it, they will get it overnight.

In South Park Season 20 (the ongoing season), Episode 2, the girls of the school, and in fact most women in town, are harassed by an online bully (which was originally thought to be Cartman but is actually not), and after failing to get the boys to somehow show support, decide to go for the nuclear option.

"It's simple, kill the Batman!" No, sorry, wrong story.

The girls decide that on a given day, they would all quit their boy-friends. Some sort of sentimental strike. Each girl, at least each girl who was in a relationship, gave a little folded piece of paper to their boy-friend which read something along the lines of "I am breaking up with you", and left.

I haven't seen Episode 3, so I don't know how it turned out; but in few words, if the real women of the real world had half of the balls of those little fictional girls, the world would be a completely different place!