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Watch people die, or my morning porn routine

I have an interesting HUD-driven (still in bed, pre-breakfast) morning routine which, among lots of other things, include visiting /r/FoodPorn, /r/earthporn, /r/unixporn (and It's a Unix System, I know This!, but that one is not porn), and at the end of that list /r/watchpeopledie.

Texting while crossing the road

I haven't had time to fully understand my relationship to /r/watchpeopledie. As much as I can really say that /r/FoodPorn turns me on (not in a sexual way, because I am not a pervert, but in a way that is as mentally enjoyable as actual sexual porn), I haven't analysed my consumption of /r/watchpeopledie. What I can say, is

  • I don't watch all the videos. I have a mental filter (which I haven't reverse engineered yet), which given the title, and possible metadata about the video, tells whether to watch or not. I have noticed that I don't watch bladed attacks and I don't watch people being beheaded. I usually avoid videos where I guess there will be lots of blood, or human organs away from their natural positions. On the other hand, I don't mind, people jumping to their death, electrocutions, car accidents of various kinds, and even people people being gunned down.
  • Once I go outside home, though, I cannot prevent to somehow enjoy still being alive. Some of those videos show people who have been ran over (or crushed) by cars, trucks or died by falling objects. Those are the saddest. We are really talking about people who were not doing anything wrong, were not being daredevils or something, were probably thinking about something they have to do few minutes later and within two seconds are dead. Game Over.

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