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Prisoner's dilemma; or bitchiness and cooperation, seen under their most purest forms

When I was undergraduate, I was fascinated by the Prisoner's dilemma. The original version goes as follows:

Two members of a criminal gang are arrested and imprisoned. Each prisoner is in solitary confinement with no means of speaking to or exchanging messages with the other. The police admit they don't have enough evidence to convict the pair on the main charge (bank robbery) but have enough evidence to convict them on a lesser change (car stealing). The police offers each prisoner a dilemma (and remember that the prisoners cannot talk to each other): If they both testify against each other then they will do two years in jail. If one testifies and the other one stays silent, the one who testifies goes free and the other one goes to jail for three years, if both stay silent each of them will do one year in jail.

Obviously anybody wants to spend less time in prison, so logically they would be tempted to stay silent, but then what would happen if you stay silent and the other one betrays you ? He would go free while you stay in prison for three years. This said, it is not obvious that you should talk, because after all if you both do, then it's still two years locked in.

The mathematical analysis of this situation, as well as its variations (notably the iterated prisoners' dilemma), is a part of what is called Game Theory, a branch of mathematics that the military as well as finance wizards (two name only two) are very interested in, for obvious reason.

What I didn't know is the fact that somebody was pervert enough to make it a TV show (where you replace 'prison' by 'no money')

And truth to be told, I admire this girl. Bitchiness seen under its most purest form is beautiful.

In a different game, the following agreement was genius, this video [came up on reddit] actually made me cry...