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Maths, wine and more maths

I drank some wine yesterday.

I know this is not a big deal for most people, but it was my first time. To the amusement of my PhD supervisor who had not realised what he was doing when he poured the white wine into my glass and didn't expect I could ever surprise him with such a strong anomaly (me being alcohol virgin). I then drank another one, red wine this time, because I was then a curiosity for the mathematicians who were surrounding me at that moment.

So now, many people have tried, very hard sometimes, to get me to drink (not only wine but anything). They failed. So what was different yesterday ? Well, as I explained to them, you just cannot refuse to drink when your *Russian* supervisor give you something to drink. At least in my world, you just don't do that :-) [1]

[1] Mostly because the deference (even though I can also be rebelious) I have towards my PhD supervisor is one of the strongest bond I have ever had with another human being. (And note that this does not necessarily mean that the bond is abnormaly strong, it could just be that I never cared for anybody else before...)

Anyway, it was also a big occasion, we had just all spent the entire day in a Spectral Theory workshop for the 70th birthday of Brian Davies, one the most prominent researcher in the math department at King's College London and certainly a leading figure in the London Analysis community.

I also announced to Sasha yesterday that I had taken the initiative and given to myself until the end of the year, to correct some... missing parts in my mathematical education (skills that he wishes I had, and I unfortunately don't have). I often say that the two best places in the world to learn mathematics are France and Russia, but I had never realised the non trivial differences between both. It's going to be demanding but Velocity Project started yesterday. The next two months should be interesting... to say the least.