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Chalk, because you worth it

As somebody who hates white boards and adore black boards (they come in green nowadays actually), chalk is to me something that is synonymous to teaching, and the reason why people in the public transports think I am a baker (or maybe a painter, when I really have lots of it in my pockets and on my jeans...)

First and foremost, whatever you do in your life, you should avoid Stephens.

I understand that it's natural and stuff but they are so annoying that I have been tracking down all the remaining ones in my building and threw them away without mercy.

A much better brand is Crayola.

They are hard chalk with a distinctive loud and neat impact sound that makes them amazing to listen. When I want to make music that's what I use.

Above Crayola you have Giotto Robercolor.

Dustless little marvels that make writting a real pleasure. They are now the new standard in the mathematics department at King's.

This said, you might want to full perfection. Introducing Japan based Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk, which is known in the mathematics community as the Rolls Royce of chalk.

Using them feel like touching a woman's breast (sorry I didn't find better analogy). It's comes with full coating and the packaging itself sets it apart..