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Post Scarcity Technological Level

Below is the email I sent to a (female) collegue today who was not only surprised that everything I own in life fits in two suicases, but added that I should not brag about it :-)

In my life, anything that is not my wallet / purse / visa card (or any credentials to my bank accounts), my passport / id-card or my computer is seen to me as superfluous. I keep few books for sentimental reasons, and some clothes because I have to, but the less stuff I own the better I feel. The only two forms of personal property that are natural to me and that I recognise as legitimate are: my memory (this extends to my digital memory) and my mind processes.

You see, the point is that the notion of personal private property is only natural to beings such as us, humans, at this point in the development of our civilisations and at this particular technological level, that haven't yet achieved post scarcity level. For civilisations which have reached it, the notion of personal property, and the general notion of "owning things" feels very... primitive. (And for some reasons that's the way I feel about it...)

If one day I win the lottery, for instance (this won't happen because I do not play, but let's imagine it happening for argument's sake), I will just buy a very nice flat; something like a condominium in a tall building overseeing Central Park. (A flat which is going to remain mostly empty of course; exactly like the one I had in Amsterdam.) I will, of course, do other things with the money, but nothing towards _owning_ more things...


ps: In a post scarcity society the notion of money disappears, because money is basically only a way to ration the distribution, and facilitate the transfer of ownership of, privately owned goods.

ps: The building in NY where I have my home, will need to have a doorman, somebody I say hello and smile to when I go in and out.