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The acute readers of this weblog must have noticed that I never blogged about Brexit. I recently started to work for the Guardian and of course the subject regularly came up during our morning editorial conference (which I attend because news junky), but turns out that before that moment I almost had never heard of it. Having spent the previous couple of years solely focused on US news, I actually only heard of "Brexit" when somebody mentioned it on CNN (if my memory is correct).

I have just spent almost 30 hours in the Guardian office. Arrived on Thursday morning and left Friday afternoon. I was actually sleeping on a sofa when the result came out during the night. I woke up around 4am with the laptop in my arms, was walking in socks towards the spot where the others who had decided to be onsite over night were gathered, and half asleep and glancing at my screen I suddenly said "Oh shit!". To which somebody replied "Yep, exactly". That's the moment I realised that the possibility of Brexit wasn't a freaking possibility anymore, that we had done it. The collective stupidity, yet again, had showed that sometimes humans cannot be trusted with democracy.

I went outside around 7am to go get some breakfast round the corner and I started noticing something different. I could not, at the time, fully know what it was; but now, having actually spent some time this afternoon walking in London, it became apparent to me: people look sad. I mean *way* *too* *many* people around me look sad. Then it hit me: I live in London. Most of the voters in the London area voted Remain.

Who knows, maybe something good will come out of all this. You know..., something like the other european countries having that one test case that any scientific experiment needs. So that it becomes clear to everybody else that being stupid has consequences.

Anyway, welcome to the post-Brexit United Kingdom. Shit just got started..., and I am going to enjoy envery minute of it !