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cryptocoins in a nutshell

... and I really like this comment by Paul Sproge (YouTube)

The first two were the most critical steps, but it's actually the third guy who get's it going. They each contributed to the necessary steps in making it go nuts, though. The first guy was the creation. The second guy had the balls to contribute by making fun of the creation. And the third guy recognized that there was something awesome happening and contributed to the creation without needing any balls, due to the second guy. The fourth guy was a follower of the third, and the rest joined in thereafter to seize the opportunity like the fourth guy did... This is how crowd mentalities are formed, and how certain start-ups do really well... all it takes is just one dude to have an idea and go for it, someone to realize a purpose for that idea, and another guy to acknowledge that the two of them are doing something innovative and different... next thing you know, everyone starts piling on in just a matter of time.