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The news junky, the newsroom and Lucille.v10

Today was my first day as a newly hired member of The Guardian. The floor where I work (a completely open space) is as big as but also more beautiful (and quieter) than my old trading floors. It is used both by the tech group and the editorial staff.

Quick light introduction to the architecture (at least the little part of it I will first dive in) indicated to me that the guys of my team have implemented what the news organisation version of Nyx would have been, if Nyx had grown that big, and in that direction.

As he was leaving, one of my colleagues, another dev, said "And by the way, there is the morning journalists meeting at 10am every day, it's a good thing to be there..." This was really the best part of a my day (beside experiencing the canteen where the food is actually good -- and coming from me, this means something...). I will try and be there every day, to see the news being discussed by the people who make it, which for a news junky like me can only be referred to as "news porn".

Anyway, the longest mental thread inside me today was appropriating Lucille.v10. Indeed, the laptop I was given this morning has all the attributes of a "Lucille". So, two years after .v9, here comes Lucille.v10/awat ("Awat" with a starting lowercase to follow the convention started with alexandra).