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Open Letter to William Shakespeare
If I could have a time machine ride, one of my destinations would be around 1590 to have a talk with William Shakespeare. To try and convince him to not write (or at least to not release) Romeo and Juliet, because he was about to do a big mistake. The problem with this play is that some people just took it literally. And not only took it literally but actually think that the story has something to do with their lives.

This play was a metaphor of Mankind's pursue of truth and perfection amidst adversity. The strength of the love between Romeo and Juliet, off charts by all standards, only made sense within the context of the great animosity between the two families. Their love had to be so pure and so amazingly strong, only to bring balance to the other major feeling of the play: hate.

Fast forward to the real world at the beginning of this 21st century, I find it appalling that some people actually expect to find themselves in the same situation. Women or even men who are waiting for their Romeo or their Juliet, expecting to be overwhelmed by a love that strong. Those people are living in a fairy tale and are no better than those who believe in God and astrology. They seem to ignore the fact that Romeo and Juliet were both pawns in the hands of a master of tragedy. Poor and innocent characters blinded by the skilled vision of a pervert writer. Poor and innocent characters whose foolishness could only be concluded by their death.

Because that's actually how it ends: they freaking die. That little detail doesn't seem to bother very much the people who want to live the same story....

Open Letter to William Shakespeare

Dear William,

Coming from the future, and having witnessed how wrongly people got your story, I would like you to reconsider releasing it to the world. You might not realize this, but a side effect of your talent is that countless people are going to screw their own lives by living in the fruitless pursue of trying to find themselves in the same situation as your characters. We, rational people (an unfortunately small subset of the population), have nothing against Love, per se, but you would do a much better service to the world by rewriting your story and rather than having Romeo and Juliet deeply fall in love at first sight and behave against their own survival, have them to be more thoughtful personae, people who due to their education and intelligence will manage to unite those two families without hurting themselves. They could dedicate their lives to the pursue of higher principles, and inspire the world by their dedication to knowldge, truth, justice, that kind of things... There are so many plots, so many ways, that Romeo and Juliet could outsmart their peers and achieve the greater good, not to mention staying alive at the end, that I invite you to try and change the play, for the sake of mindless romantics of the centuries to come.

Yours sincerely,

ps: If you still want your story to have a strong Love component, then introduce another character, a woman, who on her death bed (or about wherever you want) will express the true nature of (maternal) love to her children, and you might even have Romeo and Juliet witness the scene and find, in the wisdom of this woman, absolute motivation for their crusade against hate. But be careful to also let your audience understand that maternal love and romantic love are not really the same thing, even though they look the same.