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On Feminism, or the reasons why I will never call myself a feminist

Part 1: Fuchsianism

Imagine a world, very similar to ours, populated by two kinds of beings: the Magentas and the Fuchsias. Historically, I mean from prehistoric times, the Magentas have dominated society; that being said, over the past 200 years of their history, social progress and legal adjustment have given to the Fuchsias the same rights as the Magentas.

Nevertheless, the Fuchsias are not happy. Well, some Fuchsias are not happy, and they invented Fuchsianism. According to their wikipedia entry:

Fuchsianism is a collection of movements and ideologies which share a common stated aim: to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for Fuchsias. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for Fuchsias in education and employment.

At first glance Fuchsianism is something one would want to support, isn't it ? I mean, if Fuchsias are not happy and do not feel having the same opportunities as Magentas why would anybody not want to help and support them... But then on a closer look something doesn't look right. Turns out that in that world Fuchsias constitute 50% of the overall population, and they have a remarkable power: they have something that Magentas like and want very much. Moreover in most places of their world, Fuchsias are the dominant party in their courtship protocols. So with this in mind, one would wonder: how comes Fuchsias have something to complain about and how comes they are not dominant yet in all aspects of their societies.

Part 2: Feminism

In Part 1, the definition of Fuchsianism is a copy paste of the definition of Feminism. Turns out that I spent the past few months discussing feminism with females and males (mostly females) at school, at work and in other circles. Females in their 20s as well as much older (up to 60 years old), and 2014 coming to an end, I want to write down my impression of the experience. It fits in one sentence: the main problem with Feminism is women themselves.

The main outcome of meeting feminists, is that I now developped a bias towards them the exact same way I have a bias against religious people. Feminism has surprising similarities with religion: the natural rejection of facts; half-thoughts basic principles; endless drones willing to sign up (I can't stand the "this is what a Feminist looks like" meme); the constant focus on "rights" and "opportunites" but never "responsibilities"; the reaction of too many feminists that if you do not totally agree with them, then you are against them; the idea that anybody who questions Feminism it's because they didn't understand Feminism; the attitude that every time people say or do something stupid or harmful in the name of Feminism that they were not true feminists; the fact that they don't get that anybody could decide not to be Feminist; the claim of some of them that Feminism is the solution to every problem in society; their tendency to interpret anything genuinely ambiguous in exactly the way as to be the proof of the validity or their theory and, last but not least, the compulsory arch-enemy: the Patriarchy, an entity that all variations of Feminist theory claim to be the source of their problems. The main effect of pushing that point of view being, too often, the stigmatization in the mind of feminists of an entire demographic based on nothing more than their gender. Ironically, the exact practice feminists claim to be fighting.

The last time I felt the same talking to people is when I was talking with former Muslim classmates. Indeed, read again the above paragraph replacing "Feminism" by "Islam" and "feminists" by "Muslims" and see how well it works...

I would be significantly more impressed if feminists (both men and women feminists) fought for Egalitarianism (Indeed the feminist philosophy _arbitrarily_ splits the world in two parts and decides to focus on half of it, the very opposite of equality [1]) [2], or better, if they fought for the general notion of freedom and self determination of any sentient beings. But I guess that's not gonna happen...

[1] When a woman tells me "I am a feminist", I hear "I thought about myself as a human being and came to the conclusion that I should split the world in two parts --based on gender-- and side with the part that has the same gender as mine. Gender being, by the way, the very aspect of me I don't want you to pay attention to and judge me on..."

[2] In my humble opinion, a much better approach to solving the problem of gender inequality, something that would _really_ make the world a better place, is to abolish the notion of gender in the first place. Men and Women could work together at making this happening. The problem with "gender equality" is that it re-enforces the very idea of gender itself (something which is mostly a social construct) and invites each gender to see itself in opposition with the other. If past history is of any indication of how humans work, "equality" is an impossible goal when the two parties see themselves as radically different (either because they don't know any better or because they actually _are_ radically different).

Interestingly I know women who are successful (if not very successful) and they are not feminists, they just happen to be talented. I also know black people who are successful and they are not "black activists", they, again, just happen to be talented.

In the end, I came to notice an increasing number of ex-feminists (mostly women; some of them being the people I talked to), who decided to stop calling themselves feminists after they simply started to actually think about it...

Actually think about it..., that thing we should all do more often.

Part 3:

Of course, despite what I think of Feminism and feminists, I am also the first to know that the situation of women in the world needs improvment, but unlike the well educated white western feminists who worry about improving the proportion of women in engineering classes of Ivy league schools, I actually consider the world in its entirety and as far as I can see the women who need us the most are in countries where they don't have a tenth of the freedom and opportunities that our local feminists enjoy. So now, the question becomes: why don't those feminists do something actually worthwhile and campain to help those religiously oppressed poor women who would really appreciate some help ?

Answer, because the said feminists, who claim worrying so much about _all_ women in the world (tm) prefer sit down in front of their Mac Book to complain on Tumblr that they are confused on whether or not to wear make-up or shave their armpits and then think they have achieved something, rather than actualy go after the true manistestation of patriarchy in the world: religion (above all the Abrahamic ones). In fact any feminist who does not want to burn religious books (the biggest sources of gender inequality in the world), every time she sees one, is a total hypocrite. Feminists are going to carry on losing their war (at least that thing they do that they see as a war), because they behave exactly as if they don't actually want to win it.

Feminists are cluless, and if one day they start having a clue and decide to _actually_ help women's condition in the world (the actual world, and not downtown San Francisco), I will take the pop corn machine out, because that is going to be entertaining to watch...

Part 4:

Just to be clear, I am a huge supporter of equality between all people, and as a consequence the equality between people regardless of their gender. What I regret is the Feministic diagnosis of the problem, the Feministic agenda to try and solve it and the too common reaction of feminists towards those who disagree with them. In fact, if I was so willing for sarcasm I would say that the current Feminist movement is exactly what it would be if it was a plot by the Patriarchy to keep women down: after centuries of keeping them down through enforced social conventions, let's carry on keeping them down through the subtle plot of giving them a fucked-up, ill-defined, unwinable fight to keep themselves busy with, something which at the very start requires them to see themselves as victims (or otherwise doesn't even make sense), imperative which has the subtle side effect of them behaving as victims. A self re-enforcing prison for the female mind. The blueprints of a religion. Pure genius.

Part 5: TL;DR

"No Uterus, no right to talk about it !" I wonder what she would have done, if the guys were Muslim.... Also notice how she was confused when, after having called them racists and misogynists, she noticed that there was a black woman with them.

Part 6: Institutions of Higher Indoctrination

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