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How DBZ changed the way I think about height

I was telling a friend this morning that I don't care about height (in dating situations) and even enjoyed very much the times I dated women taller than me.

Let me explain why, because yes, there is an explanation :)

When I was a kid I watched every episode of Dragon Ball and DBZ. This show taught me so many things and affected me in so many ways, but for today's purpose, let's focus on the long (way too long) fight between Goku and Frieza.

No, not that, but rather the prelude to that fight.

Frieza and his acolytes were Sayan killers. So the badass kind. Frieza in particular was from a particularly ugly race of extremely high energy level fighters. The first time we saw him, he was this very ugly looking monster. Goku and his friends managed to somehow challenge him and he had to transform to his second form, in which he would be even uglier and more monstrous. Standard. Kids understand that stuff. Well, he got challenged again because Goku and his friends were really that strong, and he had to go to his (final ?) third form. Better if I don't describe that one. And after even more fighting and because Goku in particular looked able to somehow resist him, Frieza decider to transform to his final (final this time) 4th form.

Suspense oblige the transformation took a while, the dust was impenetrable and took time to settle and suddenly this was where Freezer should have been

More over, let me show him relatively to Goku.

That was a surprise, and not only was it a surprise that the last most powerful form of this alien was so small, graceful and innocent looking. But his energy level in that form was really formidable (I mean, multiple times over what the group of kids experts on the playground even thought was theoretically possible). Leading to a 50 episodes fight. Which he lost only by accident.

(Few years ago, I tried to watch that fight again, after noticing it's available online. But few hours in, knowing the real fight had not even started because they were still warming up by blowing things up while chasing each other, I was like: Pascal you had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on your hands when you were a kid.)

Anyway, and this is the point I was coming to, that moment in my childhood, that particular moment in that particular show, was the moment height on one side and strengh/importance/power on the other side have been permanently detached and put on totally orthogonal planes. Never to be re-attached again (^_^)