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Swine Flu Facts
Against my will I have been exposed to the swine flu news, even the guy at work who insisted about us staying alive during the G20 protests, came back with hourly updates on the flu (as if I don't receive enough emails already...). Anyway, just want to say that, so far, I am very suspicious about the all swine flu thing. The fact are:

- Some people got flu in Mexico and few of them died. (I will call this first degree exposition).
- Some of the above travelled to other countries.
- The flu seems to have jumped from very few people to others (I will call this second degree exposition).

Something I won't do, is going to Mexico to become a first degree exposee. Incidentally, I think that the WHO should spend more money trying and figure out what did actually happen in Mexico (*) rather that scaring the hell out of everybody else. As far as I am aware, nobody with second degree exposition has died. Until a significant number of second degree exposees die, I just could not care less about the "pandemic". People seem to forget that this flu is probably just a normal flu, and as any other normal flu it will kill few people. It happened last year and will happen next year...

(*) I believe that actually many more people over there got the flu and that the deaths are just the standard proportion of deaths during any standard flu.

The only good thing coming out of this all global panic thing is that it's apparently socially acceptable not to shake people hands anymore. Speaking of it, something else came up: I was delighted to see all those americans god-believer creationist supporters, suddenly talking about the evolution of a virus, and begging science to give them that tamiflu they all need. If front of the prospect of an early death, the bible doesn't look like so helpful anymore, does it ?