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Massive Enlightened Field over London

At first I thought it was a bug in the Intel Map webpage (which by default was showing the small area around Strand), then zooming back, the awful truth settled in. I actually had to fire up the game on the phone just to double check..., but yes, after a textbook display of coordination, the Enlightened just dropped a massive green field over London. The biggest field, I believe, ever made worldwide so far in the game..

Some intelligence report: The operation was known on the Enlightened side as "operation penknife". Field stats: Went up at 7.46pm, +2517728 MUs (unconfirmed number).

Now, the Resistance channel is filling up with motivated players (and well wishers from other areas, including France and the US) wanting to fight back as soon as humanly possible. I would be surprised if this field survives over night (and even the next two hours), players are already organizing tonight's raids (by car) on one of the vertices.