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alexandra is 5 years old today
Five years ago...

L.v5 came with OS X Leopard, which was a major pain in my butt. I had installed it (Leopard) on L.v4 few months before, but had hated it so much that I switched back to OS X Tiger. This said, L.v5 would not have allowed Tiger (that was about the time Apple was migrating to Intel microprocessors), so I was stuck with Leopard. At that time, I also had a very beautiful and talented blond Australian colleague (in the bank I was then working at) called Alexandra B. who had been a major pain for me when I first met her. Seeing the similarity of annoyance between the girl and the laptop (actually not the laptop itself but its operating system), I decided that Lucille.v5 would then be known on the intranet as "alexandra" (with a lowercase "a"). This was on the 24th January 2008, and the following was added to Lucille's hardware log

Lucille.v5 : 24th January 2008 
Codename : alexandra
To replace the now dead Lucille.v4 (left at the repair shop).
MacBook Pro (new design), 15' 2.53 Ghz Intel Core 2 duo, 4 GB 1067 Mhz DDR3


Below is a picture of her taken few minutes ago, on my desk, plugged to her external screen. She is amazingly well conserved, despite having followed me about everywhere, everyday, over the past 5 years, and despite me making no particular effort towards keeping her brand-new looking. But more importantly she works as well as the first day. She is the best laptop I have ever had, and I wish that any of my ex girl friends could have been at least half the girl she is.