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Albert Tallus was looking at the front line. It didn't look good. The bateria had taken over the entire organ and started spreading outwards. The immune system was overwhelmed and nothing they had tried had worked. Actually, in normal circumstances, this would already be over but, this time, the body was running out of energy. General Tallus looked at the young recruit next to him and said "It's going to be all right son".

There were still cells in reserve. The General could order a full on attack and hope to get this whole mess under control, but he knew that with so little energy in the bloodstream the chances of success were very low. He started to wonder. How was the war won last time ? He heard something had come up, but the Admiral never said anything about it...

"General!" Communication Officer was talking to him, "They need a decision General". Tallus looked at him and looked at where the sky should be. What to do ? Send more kids to their death, or retreat ? Knowing that either would be a bad decision. Looking over the distance, something appeared moving rapidly towards them. "What is this ?" he asked. A pause and his second in command replied "I don't know sir, never seen anything like that before". At that moment somebody said "General, the Admiral is on the line..."

The swarm had left no record on the monitoring system, the analysts of the command center were all the more perplexed about their composition and whether they were even organic. The only known was that the Admiral had indicated they were to be let through without engaging them. They were close now, slowed down and stayed up in the air. Seconds passed and one of them fell silently towards the command center and moved towards the General.

- General Tallus?
- Yes.
- Sorry for the interruption General, my name is Prima Phenoxymethylpenicillin V, I am the leader of this swarm. I understand that you have already lost the tonsils.
- We are about to. If I may ask, what are you and what do you do ?
- We are bacteria killers. Advance tech. We are going to take care of that infection for you General. You can keep your cells in reserve we won't need them :)
- Do you need intel on what you are looking for ?
- That won't be necessary General, we kill everything.
- Ok, good luck to you then. I will keep my men on stand by, we will send them later for the clean up...
- Sounds like a plan General.

Prima was already raising towards the rest of the swarm when the General asked "One sec! How did you enter the Body ?" Prima stopped and turned towards the General.
- Digestive system; we were swallowed.
- So what happened to the gut bacteria ?
- Oh, those... They are all dead General.