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On French Waiters
When you go to a restaurant in the UK, waiters see you coming, they count how many you are, they ask you whether you want smoking or not, then they tell you either how long you are going to wait (always followed by asking your name) or they ask you to follow them inside. (This is actually going to be soon even simpler, given that all public places go non-smoking on the first of July all across the UK.)

If France, I go toward a restaurant, go through the door and stand at the entrance waiting that someone come to take care of me (that's the best part, when someone come to take care of me...). So far so go. I then expect them to ask me whether I am alone or not (I would think that it is sensible for them to think that maybe my wife, or my girl-friend, or even my boy-friend, is a bit behind), then I expect them to ask me whether I want smoking or not.
(There's a variant of the story, when it was raining, where they ask me why is my laptop so wet [can't find the entry right now...])

Instead, 90% of the time, the waiters come to me, stand not far away from me, look at me in the eyes and say nothing; as if they were expecting me to say something. I have always found this moment very funny and embarrassing. Today, though I have realized that they simply wait for me to say that I want to eat :-)

I had noticed this in the past when I used to live in France, but for going to restaurants almost twice a day in this moment, this has become really obvious.

Weird people....