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Deaf as a luxury

A little while ago, I have started to wear ear plugs, to isolate myself from sounds, on a permanent basis. It started because I wanted to wear them during the night (to sleep better), and one thing leading to the other I just kept them in. Now I only remove them during my morning shower. Immediate results: I am significantly more productive than before (even though I do not exclude the fact that this might partially be the result of sleeping far better than during the previous months).

The thing is that I get used to them and the few times I need to remove them (or just one of them) during the day because somebody is talking to me, my first mental reaction is "Jesus Christ! This place is so noisy!". I was actually in a restaurant by myself this evening, a place that was full of people (mix of regulars and tourists) and at some point I had to remove them because a staff was actually asking me something that I could not guess from the motion of her lips and upon removing the left plug I felt my mind was literally spammed by unsolicited data (all the people around me having their conversations). Life without sound is literraly like watching TV with muted sound. Unless you are watching something really new, you don't actually miss anything, and it's far more relaxing.

In the list of interesting side effects, I have to pay attention to cars. As it turns out hearing them is/was a big part of me staying alive. Indeed, I never cross roads and streets at the designated pedestrian places and had it not been for my situationnal awareness I would have been killed a long time ago. Well, that situation awareness is definitely not as good while deaf. Another more interesting side effect is the fact that for the first time ever I noticed how the buses in London make the ground vibrate. I had never ever before been in the right conditions to pay attention to it.