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Making the world a better place, one CEO at a time: Ellen Pao stepped down as Reddit Chief

Ever since the The Fattening happened one month ago and then later the firing of Victoria (The AMAgeddon, interestingly even Randy Marsh Lorde had to say about it []), shortly followed by The Darkening, nothing, absolutely nothing, looked more interesting to me than the way the Reddit community turned against Ellen Pao, the failed SJW, who around the begining of the year turned interim CEO of Reddit Inc. To say that I was involved in the revolt, would be a true understatement. I don't think I have ever witnessed something more interesting than the way the community reacted, thought back, screamed and revolted. Not because it was important in the grand scheme of things, but because it was important to *us*, people, the site users, and the site contributors. (And yes, I did sign the petition against her.)

And now, she resigned [/r/announcements] (or got fired, it doesn't matter), I don't want to say anything more than "We did it Reddit!". Yes we did. And now I think we all deserve to have a good night of sleep, or party all night, or watch cat videos, whatever works for you.

So now, let me clarify. To me it's not so much about Reddit or Ellen Pao; and I am certainly not claiming that people (including myself) were right to want her out. It's the realization that somehow, in the end, people matter. If the users of a site somehow can, even indirectly, get rid of the CEO of the company (who reportedly said that the position would have to be taken from her cold dead hands), think of what we could achieve together elsewhere...