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How (not) to pay for sex

I was going out of one of my flat visits this evening, just about to enter into the tube at Aldgate East, when a young indian woman, cute but obviously too thin for her own good, made eye contact with me. Given that I am the kind of person to willingly (with a smile on my face) sustain eye contact when somebody looks at me, she suddenly focused all her attention on me, corrected her trajectory, and came straight towards me. She looked at me intensely and said "Business ?". Not really getting it, I replied "Business of what ?" and she said "sex".

Passed the obvious fraction of second of surprise, I thought "Oh no, please, don't do this to me!.. I haven't had sex for a while and you cannot imagine how temping that sounds...", but then I said "No..., not really" and she followed up with "£20 only".

... at this point, the respectable citizen would quickly turn around and walk away, hoping that the neighbourhood would not have noticed that he just had an exchange with a street prostitute, but I am obviously not one of them, so then follows...

Pascal (thinking): Did she miss the hundred digit or something ?... £20 only! What's wrong with her ?!??
Pascal (saying): Seriously, not really...., and beside I don't live here. I mean, where would we go ?... (my natural scientific curiosity is going to kill me one day...)
Girl: Just there (pointing out an alley...)

Then, I just stood there (another lost opportunity to just turn around and forget about this), looking at her attentively, trying to figure out where was the catch. Does she work for the police ? Is this some sort of funny TV show with hidden cameras somewhere ? etc... I said "Seriously, no. I'll be fine :-)" (with the actual kind smile on my face of somebody sorry for not being able to agree on the terms of a deal...)

Already moving back I could not stop looking at her, like I was about to go on travel away from my loved one, and she suddenly said... "Oh come on!, and I felt that she was actually more embarrassed than me, she carried on with "£20 for everything, blowjob and everything!".

I admit that at this very point the idea of actually have sex with her crossed my mind; for about 800 milliseconds, which to me felt like an entire little eternity. She perceived that I was thinking and said again "Everything that you want!". I again started to move back, still looking at her, while thinking "... what would Jesus do ? Oh, no sorry, bad example... Ok, find something else...". At which point the decision was taken: I would carry on towards the entrance of the tube. But I wanted to be polite, so I said...

Pascal: Look, I am sorry, but I cannot do that. Sorry.
Girl: Please...
Pascal: Look, I might as well just give you the money since you obviously need it.
Girl: What !? For free ?!
Pascal (thinking) : "For free" That's a nice way to put it... :-)
Pascal (saying): Yeah
Girl: Ok then.

... and I could see on her face that she had said that only to challenge me, that she didn't believe I would do it. I put my laptop on the ground (I was holding alexandra against my chest the whole time), also put my bag on the ground, kneeled down in front of her and switched to slow motion so as to make the entire experience last as long as possible (while thinking "Sweetheart, I am so going to blog about you..."). After a while I found my wallet (after having initially been looking for it where I knew it wasn't), pulled out a bill, gave it to her, and told her: "There you go, and please don't do anything stupid with it". She replied "I won't....". I looked down to put the wallet in my bag and when I looked up, she had already disappeared...

Thinking of it, I should have asked her to tell me her name :-)