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Teaching in prison
Just discovered that there is something about me that Aubrey didn't already know (proof that the background check that she did on me before marrying me wasn't complete ^.^)

Yes, I did teach in prison when I was a young math student. I taught math and basic of programming to an inmate. It was this prison (Maison d'arrêt de la Santé), in the middle of Paris.

Turns out that one of the inmates registered as a student of my university (which is a cool thing to do when you have too much time on your hands) and the student office was in trouble to find a way to provide him with the academic support he needed. When I met with one of the secretaries of the math department she told me "I cannot tell you what he did, but for your information he didn't kill and he didn't rape", at which point I thought "And how exactly does this matter to me ?" Anyway, I voluntered for the job and after registering as a prison visitor at the police station (procedure much less painful than what I would have expected from the French adminstration -- on the other hand I am black, they must facilitate paperworks for blacks who want to go to prison ^.^), I got my prison visitor card and headed to the place.

My student, I have no idea how old he was, even though I could see that he was young, though maybe older than me, was quite respectful and attentive. This said, I was sad by the limited amount of support I could give to him within a place like that one. But, long after the last time I saw him I got news from the student office that he was very happy of what I did for him.

Maybe I should do that again. I believe that nothing matters more than helping people who want to learn, above all when life has not been easy on them...